How To Wooden Wind Turbine Towers Make Sense?

wood wind turbine

Wind power has not only expanded enormously in recent years. It has also evolved on a technical level. The structures are taller and the blades are bigger. All this makes the generation capacity greater. But there is another way in the evolution of these giants of the wind. In Sweden, they have started to test it. These are the wooden wind turbines.

wood wind turbine

Known for its engineering solutions for wind power, Modvion has installed the first of the upcoming wooden wind turbines. These are infrastructures similar to those that can be seen in the fields today, but their construction has been made of wood. In this way, they are more sustainable and also cheaper.

Modvion’s wind turbine is a prototype and is located on an island relatively close to the city of Gothenburg. It is 30 meters high and is built entirely of wood. Among the advantages this has is the reduction of emissions at the time of manufacture. The steel production process is considerably more polluting. As for these new structures, they can be manufactured with zero emissions from the beginning.

Another of the facilities of wood compared to steel is transportation. Typically, steel structures are made in huge pieces. This means that getting them from the factory to the installation site requires a complicated journey on the road. And it is that these gigantic pieces often do not meet the road transport criteria, due to their weight or size. However, wooden wind turbines can be produced modularly. So each segment can be much smaller.

More ecological structures compared to traditional ones

The first of the wooden wind turbines were installed in Germany eight years ago. It was a small project, but the tower reached 100 meters high and was capable of generating 1.5 MW. The diameter was 77 meters and the weight of the structure was 91 tons.

The numbers have nothing to do with the records of traditional wind turbines. It was precisely in Germany that the tallest tower was installed, almost 250 meters high. The project cost 70 million euros and year after year it will report 6.5 million. Even the more modern wooden towers to be installed in Sweden do not reach similar figures. Modvion plans to install the first commercial versions in 2022. There will be one 110 meters high and another ten 150 meters high.

These structures may eventually become substantial support for the joint European effort. The old continent has the capacity to be self-sufficient only with wind energy and wood is a more sustainable material to fill the fields of mills.

How To Pay Medical Bills Using QuickPayPortal

Quickpayportal designing

Quickpayportal is an online payment portal developed by Health care, Athena. This portal is exclusively for the people of the united states of America. That is people of the USA can easily access this portal by signing in. More about this quickpayportal is clearly discussed in the above sections.

Quickpayportal designing

If you’re trying to find advice on QuickPayPortal such as QuickPay Login, then QuickPayPortal Code, and also the way to perform QuickPayPortal payment of medical bills, then now we provide you a well-explained article containing details regarding the names mentioned previously.

What is QuickPayPortal?

The main use of the portal would be to permit users to cover their medical bills readily and with no hassles. Aside from allowing to cover the medical bill on the internet, the QuickPayPortal additionally lets users see all their medical background online too at

The QuickPayPortal site is manufactured by AthenaHealth. AthenaHealth is an American company that’s publicly traded and provides network-based options for health care. The business also develops mobile programs offering Point-Of-Care services at the USA of America.

Over 110 million individuals utilize the internet services provided by AthenaHealth along with also the QuickPayPortal ( site is among the most common online health service developed by these.

Pay Medical bills using QuickPayPortal

QuickPay Portal helps a healthcare centre in collecting money faster and often. Activities of every staff member from the front office to the back office are coordinated online. From the point of booking appointment until the payment is made, every activity can be tracked online. Moreover, QuickPay portal can be integrated with other portals which have all the information required for billing such as tests undertaken, services rendered, medicines provided. Since all the information is updated in real-time, collecting payment becomes easier. QuickPay Portal allows more than just the management of treatment bills.

Athena Health has different patient portals for patients care and convenience such as CSM connect portal which allows one to view test and lab results and connect with the care team. There is a Billing/Schedule portal which helps in scheduling appointments. It also allows patients to update their information, message a doctor to seek information and review billing statements. QuickPay also facilitates quick payments online. Patient just have to give his/her Statement ID on QuickPay portal and your hospital will receive payment instantly. Let’s pay your bill online via different modes

Volcanic Rocks As a Solution to Climate Change

Volcanic Rocks

There are many initiatives that are trying to stop climate change. Iceland is developing a rather curious one: injecting the CO2 we generate into volcanic rocks, removing it from the atmosphere and turning it into a mineral salt. The United Nations announced last year that we only have 12 years to stop climate change, if it does not, its effects will be irreversible and catastrophic. Most countries are changing their energy models to use renewable energy to slow the spread of pollution, but others are trying to clean up the air that we have already polluted.

Iceland is responsible for a project that has been active since 2012, known as CarbFix. The initiative began by studying how basaltic rocks reacted to CO2, for which they injected carbon dioxide into the pores of rocks formed by cooling lava. To his surprise, two years later, almost all of the CO2 injected had been converted to carbonate minerals. These are salts found in minerals, such as calcite or aragonite, according to the World Economic Forum.

Volcanic Rocks

The site where CarbFix is being developed is the Hellisheidi geothermal plant, some 30 kilometres from Reykjavik. Many are interested in this initiative. The Reykjavik energy company, the University of Iceland, the CNRS of France and Columbia University are currently working there.

Hellisheidi is located on the Hengill volcano, just above basaltic rocks and a stream of underground water that generates electricity and hot water for Reykjavik.

Although Iceland is famous for using geothermal energy in much of the country, these geothermal plants emit amounts of CO2, of course, nothing compared to fossil fuels.

It is this small amount of CO2 that they are converting into mineral salts. They collect carbon dioxide and dissolve it in water, which is then injected into the rocks. The team works so that the water used can be salty, since it is necessary to use large quantities and, at the moment, it only works with fresh water.

CarbFiX researchers believe it could be used anywhere. Basaltic rocks are the most common type of rock on Earth, covering most of the ocean floor and 10% of the continents.

Despite the fact that models such as CarbFix are designed that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere, it is vital that measures continue to be taken to eliminate CO2 emissions since it would be impossible to install as many CarbFix plants as to remove all the CO2 we generate.

How to Pay Medical Bills on Peryourhealth Using Mobile?

peryourhealth insurance

Actually peryourhealth is an online service for your medical bill payments. Yes, it is as simple as that. It is a kind of broad base platform that integrates the process of your medical bill payment. Now the question is that how does per your health work? Per your health has an association with all the major medical service providers across the country. It could be clinics, medicine shops, Nursing homes and so on.

peryourhealth insurance

When you avail services from such medical institutions, you need to clear the respective bill. Pay per health allows you to pay this bill online in a far more interwoven process. So this reduces both your effort and time. Peryourhealth has become increasingly useful for a wide number of reasons. Firstly medical service is something that is inevitable for every individual. Secondly, in the era of digital economic services with time as a major restraint, online billing is super useful. Lastly, the facility to have access at all the major medical institutions under a single roof is extremely convenient.

How to Pay Medical Bills on peryourhealth Using Mobile?

The users can make bill payments online by visiting the website But before you begin the bill payment process, make sure that you have the following documents or details available with you:

A device connected to the active internet connection.
Billing statement issued by the hospital or health care providers.
A payment method through credit card or debit card of Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express or online banking or checking.
A PDF reader or viewer installed on your device

  • In the event that you would like to pay for your bill using a cell phone, then first confirm that the corporation will accept the charge of payment.
  • call on 888-442-8447, it will be an official Feb your health support number for bill payment
  • Now choose the option of charge payment through cellphone

peryourhealth login

  • you’re going to link to a personal representative
  • Today you need to provide your bill account number
  • Then, you want to give your style of payment along with the required detail
  • When the clinical bill is paid, you may be given a text message from the official website.
    In this text, then you also will find All of the detail of this invoice fee.


  • You can pay your health care bill directly online with this specific portal
  • Peryourhealth is a secure and sound portal to make a monetary transaction.
  • Users will secure notification against the portal site for their due invoices and productive transaction of payment.
  • About Peryourhealth, you can check your past transection and medical history also.
  • Rather than waiting for online and limited access to the drugstore timing, on Peryourhealth, you can pay your bills at any time.
  • When the person registers with the portal site they are able to access their medical bill with ease in a quicker manner. Peryourhealth is much faster than just about any other on the web portal in charge of payment.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Thermometer

Body Temperature Test

There are apps to monitor the effects, as well as some that are capable of even acting as a thermometer, thanks to an external device. Now, due to the pandemic, they are fashionable, and for this reason, some manufacturers such as Huawei already incorporate these functions in their latest models. One of the most practiced measures to control the coronavirus is to measure the temperature. Bars, offices, public transport … Many of the establishments that are open regulate the disease in this way, preventing infections.

Body Temperature Test

In Europe, it started at airports, although in China and South Korea it started even earlier, on the street. Thus it is quickly known if a person has high temperature and fever, quite common among those with Covid-19. Now, however, the phone industry joins the car, taking advantage of the trend. If it is so important and current, how can we not? For this reason, numerous apps are being created and released that allow temperature control with the mobile phone.

There are even manufacturer brands that go a step further, such as Huawei, and announce that their new terminals will have integrated sensors to perform this function, such as a thermometer.

Specifically, it is the Honor Play 4 models and its Pro version, which will try their luck in China before spreading to the rest of the world. If a new massive wave of cases occurs in the coming months, they will undoubtedly be very practical and will soon be followed.

Below, we collect some applications that allow you to control the temperature with your mobile. Of course, most do not serve to detect body heat, but they elaborate a series of useful information to manage it with the data you have previously entered.

Body temperature record

Available for the Android system, the great advantage it offers are the analyzes, reports and graphs of your situation. For a person who has manifested symptoms, for example, it is very useful to visually know the evolution of their state.


Available for the iOs system, this application provides suggestions for fever control, based on the recorded information. It is not the same as the words of a health professional, of course, but it does represent good guidance for those who do not have much idea. Also, thanks to a smart device, to which it is connected, it allows tracking. In China, they used it several years ago for babies and influenza.

Body temperature

Available for Android, this app offers the same as the previous one: tips to help you mitigate fever. It also presents it with graphics for easier viewing.

Body temperature fever

Available for Android, it allows you to add notes or labels with extra information to the records so that when you go to the doctor you remember the symptoms without having to write them down somewhere else.

Fever Measuring Thermometer

Available for iOs, it uses the phone’s camera to determine the heartbeat. Depending on its rhythm, it indicates the possibility of fever. Of course, it is not a definitive tool, but it does serve to guide. It connects with HealthKit device.

Oblumi Tapp

The only app on this list that can be used on both Android and iOS. It is one of the most practical since it does allow you to take the temperature directly. Using a device connected to the mobile phone by Bluetooth, it evaluates the temperature, both in the forehead or in the ears, even in liquids.

As you can see, today it is possible to control the temperature and fever with your mobile. For situations such as those experienced in the face of the coronavirus as well as for future ones, it does not hurt to know any of them. There are dozens on both platforms, so you can get informed and choose the one you like the most.

How To Set Up Google Chromecast

google chrome cast

Chromecast is one of Google’s most popular tech gadgets. It gives users a seamless way to stream media from a connected device to any TV or monitor with an HDMI cable. It’s an affordable option, too, that can be used between multiple televisions or monitors. You can also easily take it with you to use on the road, like in hotel rooms or that Airbnb in the mountains. Plus, rather than buying a new “smart TV,” you can use Chromecast to experience similar streaming capabilities for a fraction of the cost. You can connect chromecast without wifi easily without internet.

google chrome cast

There have been a few versions of the Chromecast, but they all work similarly. You can use it to stream from a phone, tablet, or another mobile device, or you can connect to Chromecast from a laptop or computer using the installed Google Chrome browser. Whatever you’re viewing on your computer screen or mobile device will then appear on your TV.

What Does Chromecast Do

Chromecast receives data over your WiFi network from your connected laptop, PC, or mobile device to display movies, photos, media apps, or your device’s screen. If you’re watching a YouTube video on your laptop and want to show it off on your family’s TV, you can connect to the Chromecast and project the video to everyone. In essence, it makes your connected monitor or TV a “mirror” of your PC or laptop screen.

You can also stream select compatible services directly to your Chromecast without having them appear on your device screen. If you use any of Google’s suite of services, such as Google Play, YouTube, or YouTube Music, this provides an intuitive way to enjoy your media on a bigger, higher-definition screen.

How do set up Google Chromecast

  • Hook up the Chromecast to your TV: This part of the process is pretty foolproof. Plug the Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port and the USB wire into a compatible port or power outlet. Just keep in mind that if you’re using a 4K-compatible Chromecast Ultra, you’ll need to connect the adapter to an outlet; a USB port doesn’t supply enough power to sustain it.
  • Download the Google Home app: You can acquire the Google Home app either through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Most Android device should already come with it preinstalled. If you’re using a Chromecast with a computer, you don’t need the Home app; just having Google Chrome installed is enough. Visit Google’s Chromecast website and follow the instructions.
  • Select Devices in Google Home: It’s in the upper right corner. Note that you may get a prompt on the bottom of your screen to set up a new device; this will work, too.
  • Select Set Up: The Google Home app will now set up the Chromecast. You don’t have to do anything except tap Continue when prompted.

chromecast setup

  • Check the code against your TV: You should see a code both on your app and your TV screen. Provided they match, select Yes.
  • Choose a name: You can also adjust privacy and Guest options on this screen.
  • Connect the Chromecast to the Internet: You can choose a network (or use Ethernet on an Ultra) and either get the password from your mobile device or input it manually. Keep in mind that you will need to use the Chromecast and your apps on the same network.
  • Sign in to your Google Account: While you don’t have to sign in, you’ll have access to all of your content on YouTube and whatever movies, TV and music you purchase through Google if you do.

How to Charge Your Phone Battery In the Right Way

Charge Your Phone Battery

The use of smartphones grows at huge rates. We use it to make calls, watch videos, surf the Internet and social networks and even to enjoy video games … Thus, it is easy for your autonomy to run out quickly. And to solve it, some companies already offer interesting alternatives like this one.

Charge Your Phone Battery

You are away from home, you take the mobile phone and there is almost no battery left. It is one of the situations that we have all experienced more than once, and that we know is not very pleasant; especially if you really need to use the phone.

Is it a problem that runs out fast? The brand’s design terminals with increasing autonomies, knowing that each time we not only use them more but also consume more resources and battery, being better and bigger.

Therefore, various factors influence: the use, the mobile’s own tools and even the good habits or not that we make of it. For example, the battery is damaged if we unplug the mobile before the full charge is finished or if we use it while charging. Likewise, their exposure to the Sun and high temperatures also harm them, so it is recommended to avoid overheating.

Charge Your Mobile From Anywhere

Applying these tips we can increase the useful life of our smartphone, yes, and it is also a way to take care of it, but the problem with the battery still does not disappear and we continue to run out of it. Most of the time nothing happens because of it, it is not a matter of life and death, but it is a chore. And for this reason, portable batteries have been invented, small chargers that connect to your terminal through the USB port and transmit enough energy to fully charge it. Even two or more times, depending on your ability.

You probably already know these portable chargers or Powerbank. For some years now, many people have been using them as a solution to their mobile battery problem, and it works. Although, yes, often the figures indicated by the manufacturers are not completely true and you must reduce them by around 30% to know the real ones.

Its Evolution

However, as it happens in all fields, innovation is constant and it is not satisfied with this type of products. They serve yes, but some of them weigh a lot. And in their bid to offer more comfortable routes to consumers, some brands already sell smart smartphone cases that charge while they cover it.

As with portable chargers, their characteristics depend on the model. But there are autonomies of more than 8,000 Mahl, an amount that is enough to charge a simple smartphone three or four times.

At the moment, these cases are available only for some high-end smartphones from iPhone, Samsung and other brands, such as Huawei, although if they are successful, as it seems, we understand that their use will be extended to other mobiles.

Its price currently ranges from 15 euros to more than 100 and its shape is like another mobile phone case. Although in some for iPhone it has the appearance of a hump, being more compressed.

The question that can arise with them is what happens when the smartphone does not need to be charged. Do I need to remove this case? No. For greater user comfort, these cases are smart and connected to the phone: they give the option of activating charging from an app or directly from the case, with a button. You can also indicate from what percentage to do it.

Do not you think very comfortable? If it fits you and you have one of these models, you already have one more possibility to deal with the battery problems of your mobile. If not, you can always turn to the portable chargers that we have mentioned and that will surely give you more than a joy.

What are Magnetic Treadmills?

Magnetic Treadmills

Treadmills have been very successful for a long time, and now in a time of confinement, their sales have skyrocketed. Along with the classic model, magnetic treadmills have appeared. Until now, if we couldn’t go outdoors to train our first option was to get on the treadmills of the gym and start them by pressing a few buttons. Speed ​​9, slope 1.5 and let’s run.

Magnetic Treadmills

However, with the revolution of magnetic treadmills the rules of the game have changed. With this type of machine, all the work is done by our body, without having to indicate the speed or the slope at which we want to train.

How Do They Work?

First of all, we must know that this type of tape does not have a motor. This is the main difference between the conventional treadmill. Knowing this, we understand that your main question is: and then how does it get going?

To start, we will have to activate the incline and, once we have the desired slope, we will climb on it and start walking. Thus, we will propel the inertia wheel that it has and the band will gradually slide. The faster we walk, the faster the tape will slide.

Why Are They Succeeding?

Being simplistic, the main reason is the good results obtained with it, since the movement that we generate on the tape depends entirely on us. Thus, the effort we have to make is greater and the muscles work with greater intensity.

In this way, they are ideal for toning the whole body, as long as we follow an optimal diet and exercise constantly.

In addition, if your budget is tight, manual tapes are the perfect alternative, since they are much cheaper than electric ones, since many of these exceed € 500, and magnetic tapes can be purchased between € 100 and € 200.

Disadvantages of Manual Tapes

Although it may seem positive that they require more effort in the activity, for people with heart problems, for example, a motorized one is much more recommended.

Also, given the resistance that the band opposes, they are ideal for training resistance, but they are not usually advisable to work the running speed. So if your goal is to run at high speed the best thing to do is opt for a treadmill with a motor.

How to Access Stored Files on an Android Phone

Access USB storage on Android

There are many ways to copy or move files from Android to your PC or Mac. We suggest one that uses Wi-Fi connectivity. Saving or sharing files has never been so easy. You can upload them to the cloud, copy them to an external disk or a USB stick, carry them on your smartphone … It will depend on the connectivity you have and the space available on your Android.

Access USB storage on Android

Precisely, the smartphone has become a companion that we always carry and that is useful for everything, including saving files. documents, photos, videos … You just have to put them there and retrieve them when you need them.

And for this, you can choose several methods. You can connect your Android smartphone to the PC or Mac with a USB cable or take advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity of both devices to communicate. Let’s see how to do it with the Sweet app.

A Pocket External Disk

What Sweech does is, simplifying a lot, enable a link that you can open in the browser of your PC or Mac. This way you will have access to the folders and files of your Android from other devices.

Easy and fast, since it uses the Wi-Fi connectivity of PC, Mac and Android. Just connect both to the same connection and start the process from Sweech. It will create a link, although you can also start file sharing using QR code or NFC. Thus, you can share files between computers and Android or between Android devices. You can even access your Android content from an iPhone or iPad.

One of the advantages of using Sweech is that by accessing the web link generated by the application, you can move through the content of your Android from a graphic file explorer. You will see the content by folders and subfolders or by content type: images, videos, music, documents, applications.

And depending on the content, you will see a preview of it. This is the case of photographs, videos and audios. In the last two contents, it is even possible to play music and videos remotely. And without cables in between.

For the rest, Sweech is free although it has a single payment method. After payment, you will have access to certain options such as that the connection between devices is encrypted using HTTPS or limit the connection to certain IPs and the use of a password.

Unlimited Storage with Movistar Cloud

And if you are a Movistar client and want to save your photos, videos or documents in the cloud, with Movistar Cloud you can store all your personal content for free, without limits.

Among its advantages, you can access your Movistar Cloud content from any device, share it by email, WhatsApp or Facebook, etc. You will find more information on its official page.