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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Thermometer

Body Temperature Test

There are apps to monitor the effects, as well as some that are capable of even acting as a thermometer, thanks to an external device. Now, due to the pandemic, they are fashionable, and for this reason, some manufacturers such as Huawei already incorporate these functions in their latest models. One of the most practiced measures to control the coronavirus is to measure the temperature. Bars, offices, public transport … Many of the establishments that are open regulate the disease in this way, preventing infections.

Body Temperature Test

In Europe, it started at airports, although in China and South Korea it started even earlier, on the street. Thus it is quickly known if a person has high temperature and fever, quite common among those with Covid-19. Now, however, the phone industry joins the car, taking advantage of the trend. If it is so important and current, how can we not? For this reason, numerous apps are being created and released that allow temperature control with the mobile phone.

There are even manufacturer brands that go a step further, such as Huawei, and announce that their new terminals will have integrated sensors to perform this function, such as a thermometer.

Specifically, it is the Honor Play 4 models and its Pro version, which will try their luck in China before spreading to the rest of the world. If a new massive wave of cases occurs in the coming months, they will undoubtedly be very practical and will soon be followed.

Below, we collect some applications that allow you to control the temperature with your mobile. Of course, most do not serve to detect body heat, but they elaborate a series of useful information to manage it with the data you have previously entered.

Body temperature record

Available for the Android system, the great advantage it offers are the analyzes, reports and graphs of your situation. For a person who has manifested symptoms, for example, it is very useful to visually know the evolution of their state.


Available for the iOs system, this application provides suggestions for fever control, based on the recorded information. It is not the same as the words of a health professional, of course, but it does represent good guidance for those who do not have much idea. Also, thanks to a smart device, to which it is connected, it allows tracking. In China, they used it several years ago for babies and influenza.

Body temperature

Available for Android, this app offers the same as the previous one: tips to help you mitigate fever. It also presents it with graphics for easier viewing.

Body temperature fever

Available for Android, it allows you to add notes or labels with extra information to the records so that when you go to the doctor you remember the symptoms without having to write them down somewhere else.

Fever Measuring Thermometer

Available for iOs, it uses the phone’s camera to determine the heartbeat. Depending on its rhythm, it indicates the possibility of fever. Of course, it is not a definitive tool, but it does serve to guide. It connects with HealthKit device.

Oblumi Tapp

The only app on this list that can be used on both Android and iOS. It is one of the most practical since it does allow you to take the temperature directly. Using a device connected to the mobile phone by Bluetooth, it evaluates the temperature, both in the forehead or in the ears, even in liquids.

As you can see, today it is possible to control the temperature and fever with your mobile. For situations such as those experienced in the face of the coronavirus as well as for future ones, it does not hurt to know any of them. There are dozens on both platforms, so you can get informed and choose the one you like the most.