Poll Workers/Observers

Poll Workers
Poll workers (aka Precinct Election Officials) play a critical role in our democracy by operating the many hundreds of polling locations throughout Ohio. For democracy to prevail, it is essential that poll workers understand and abide by election rules and procedures as defined by the Ohio Revised Code. It is also essential that there are enough workers to adequately staff the polls and that Democrat and Republican affiliations are evenly represented.

Better educated and equipped poll workers help to ensure that each voter’s experience is a positive one!

Each year in Ohio, the County Boards of Elections hire approximately 40,000 poll workers to effectively run the polls. Over the past two decades, election rules and procedures have become increasingly more complex. At the same time, the poll worker population is ageing, with many workers in their 80’s and 90’s. Ohio needs new and younger poll workers from both parties.

Poll Observers

Poll Observers are recruited by either a political party or a group of candidates. Their primary function is to observe at the polls and report their findings to the party or candidates. They are not allowed to interact with the poll workers or voters and can not stop the illegal activity or questionable conduct from occurring. In our opinion, the more effective role on Election Day is that of the poll worker, not the poll observer. Therefore, Ohio VIP does not have a poll observer program at this time.