What are Magnetic Treadmills?

Treadmills have been very successful for a long time, and now in a time of confinement, their sales have skyrocketed. Along with the classic model, magnetic treadmills have appeared. Until now, if we couldn’t go outdoors to train our first option was to get on the treadmills of the gym and start them by pressing a few buttons. Speed ​​9, slope 1.5 and let’s run.

Magnetic Treadmills

However, with the revolution of magnetic treadmills the rules of the game have changed. With this type of machine, all the work is done by our body, without having to indicate the speed or the slope at which we want to train.

How Do They Work?

First of all, we must know that this type of tape does not have a motor. This is the main difference between the conventional treadmill. Knowing this, we understand that your main question is: and then how does it get going?

To start, we will have to activate the incline and, once we have the desired slope, we will climb on it and start walking. Thus, we will propel the inertia wheel that it has and the band will gradually slide. The faster we walk, the faster the tape will slide.

Why Are They Succeeding?

Being simplistic, the main reason is the good results obtained with it, since the movement that we generate on the tape depends entirely on us. Thus, the effort we have to make is greater and the muscles work with greater intensity.

In this way, they are ideal for toning the whole body, as long as we follow an optimal diet and exercise constantly.

In addition, if your budget is tight, manual tapes are the perfect alternative, since they are much cheaper than electric ones, since many of these exceed € 500, and magnetic tapes can be purchased between € 100 and € 200.

Disadvantages of Manual Tapes

Although it may seem positive that they require more effort in the activity, for people with heart problems, for example, a motorized one is much more recommended.

Also, given the resistance that the band opposes, they are ideal for training resistance, but they are not usually advisable to work the running speed. So if your goal is to run at high speed the best thing to do is opt for a treadmill with a motor.

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