How to Charge Your Phone Battery In the Right Way

The use of smartphones grows at huge rates. We use it to make calls, watch videos, surf the Internet and social networks and even to enjoy video games … Thus, it is easy for your autonomy to run out quickly. And to solve it, some companies already offer interesting alternatives like this one.

Charge Your Phone Battery

You are away from home, you take the mobile phone and there is almost no battery left. It is one of the situations that we have all experienced more than once, and that we know is not very pleasant; especially if you really need to use the phone.

Is it a problem that runs out fast? The brand’s design terminals with increasing autonomies, knowing that each time we not only use them more but also consume more resources and battery, being better and bigger.

Therefore, various factors influence: the use, the mobile’s own tools and even the good habits or not that we make of it. For example, the battery is damaged if we unplug the mobile before the full charge is finished or if we use it while charging. Likewise, their exposure to the Sun and high temperatures also harm them, so it is recommended to avoid overheating.

Charge Your Mobile From Anywhere

Applying these tips we can increase the useful life of our smartphone, yes, and it is also a way to take care of it, but the problem with the battery still does not disappear and we continue to run out of it. Most of the time nothing happens because of it, it is not a matter of life and death, but it is a chore. And for this reason, portable batteries have been invented, small chargers that connect to your terminal through the USB port and transmit enough energy to fully charge it. Even two or more times, depending on your ability.

You probably already know these portable chargers or Powerbank. For some years now, many people have been using them as a solution to their mobile battery problem, and it works. Although, yes, often the figures indicated by the manufacturers are not completely true and you must reduce them by around 30% to know the real ones.

Its Evolution

However, as it happens in all fields, innovation is constant and it is not satisfied with this type of products. They serve yes, but some of them weigh a lot. And in their bid to offer more comfortable routes to consumers, some brands already sell smart smartphone cases that charge while they cover it.

As with portable chargers, their characteristics depend on the model. But there are autonomies of more than 8,000 Mahl, an amount that is enough to charge a simple smartphone three or four times.

At the moment, these cases are available only for some high-end smartphones from iPhone, Samsung and other brands, such as Huawei, although if they are successful, as it seems, we understand that their use will be extended to other mobiles.

Its price currently ranges from 15 euros to more than 100 and its shape is like another mobile phone case. Although in some for iPhone it has the appearance of a hump, being more compressed.

The question that can arise with them is what happens when the smartphone does not need to be charged. Do I need to remove this case? No. For greater user comfort, these cases are smart and connected to the phone: they give the option of activating charging from an app or directly from the case, with a button. You can also indicate from what percentage to do it.

Do not you think very comfortable? If it fits you and you have one of these models, you already have one more possibility to deal with the battery problems of your mobile. If not, you can always turn to the portable chargers that we have mentioned and that will surely give you more than a joy.

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