How to Access Stored Files on an Android Phone

There are many ways to copy or move files from Android to your PC or Mac. We suggest one that uses Wi-Fi connectivity. Saving or sharing files has never been so easy. You can upload them to the cloud, copy them to an external disk or a USB stick, carry them on your smartphone … It will depend on the connectivity you have and the space available on your Android.

Access USB storage on Android

Precisely, the smartphone has become a companion that we always carry and that is useful for everything, including saving files. documents, photos, videos … You just have to put them there and retrieve them when you need them.

And for this, you can choose several methods. You can connect your Android smartphone to the PC or Mac with a USB cable or take advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity of both devices to communicate. Let’s see how to do it with the Sweet app.

A Pocket External Disk

What Sweech does is, simplifying a lot, enable a link that you can open in the browser of your PC or Mac. This way you will have access to the folders and files of your Android from other devices.

Easy and fast, since it uses the Wi-Fi connectivity of PC, Mac and Android. Just connect both to the same connection and start the process from Sweech. It will create a link, although you can also start file sharing using QR code or NFC. Thus, you can share files between computers and Android or between Android devices. You can even access your Android content from an iPhone or iPad.

One of the advantages of using Sweech is that by accessing the web link generated by the application, you can move through the content of your Android from a graphic file explorer. You will see the content by folders and subfolders or by content type: images, videos, music, documents, applications.

And depending on the content, you will see a preview of it. This is the case of photographs, videos and audios. In the last two contents, it is even possible to play music and videos remotely. And without cables in between.

For the rest, Sweech is free although it has a single payment method. After payment, you will have access to certain options such as that the connection between devices is encrypted using HTTPS or limit the connection to certain IPs and the use of a password.

Unlimited Storage with Movistar Cloud

And if you are a Movistar client and want to save your photos, videos or documents in the cloud, with Movistar Cloud you can store all your personal content for free, without limits.

Among its advantages, you can access your Movistar Cloud content from any device, share it by email, WhatsApp or Facebook, etc. You will find more information on its official page.

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