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Ohio Voter Integrity Project

Ohio Voter Integrity Project (Ohio VIP) is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan organization dedicated to educating and involving citizens in Ohio’s electoral process to ensure unbiased and lawful elections for all residents of Ohio regardless of race or party affiliation.

The right to vote is one of our most important and fundamental freedoms. Many before us sacrificed their lives to win that freedom for us. Our men and women in uniform continue that cause today.

It is now our turn to take up that cause. It is our right to elect candidates who represent the voice of the citizens of our state. Our votes must count with one vote per legitimate voter.

Poll Worker Training

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Voter Registration Database Research

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We encourage you to learn more about Ohio VIP and our effort. We are proud to be citizens of Ohio and are committed to promote and protect the integrity of the electoral process throughout our state.