Voter Integrity Groups in Maryland and Virginia Discover 43,983 Duplicate Registrations on the States’ Voter Rolls

Voter Integrity Groups in Maryland and Virginia Discover 43,983 Duplicate Registrations on the States’ Voter Rolls

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As Elections Near, Voter Integrity Organizations Intensify Their Efforts to End Voter Roll Inaccuracies

Rockville, MD – May 19, 2014 – Election Integrity Maryland (EIM), one of the Mid–Atlantic’s leading election watchdog organizations, in partnership with The Virginia Voters Alliance (VVA), announces today that it has discovered at least 43,983 voters registered in both Maryland and Virginia. These duplicate registrations on both states’ rolls present a large-scale risk to fair electoral processes and pose significant threats to the fair outcomes of future elections. Investigative efforts continue in the wake of the upcoming Board of Elections meetings, scheduled for May 22, 2014 in Maryland and May 26, 2014 in Virginia.

The 43,983 duplicate registrations were uncovered in a recent review of data purchased from the Maryland and Virginia State Boards of Elections (SBE), respectively, which included voter preferences from the 2013 Governors’ race in Virginia and the 2012 Presidential Election in Maryland. Most recently, the records have been referred by the SBE to the Office of the State Prosecutor for investigation. The review consisted of a SQL query comparing 3.4 million current voter records in Maryland and 5.5 million in Virginia by first name, middle initial, last name, and date of birth. This revealed the staggering statistic. 164 individuals also appear to have participated in double-voting practices between the two states, an activity that will be under particular scrutiny in the upcoming 2014 and 2016 elections. Additionally, in Virginia, over 308,000 potential duplicate voter records were found in the most recent record matching Crosscheck conducted by the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program (Crosscheck). The Crosscheck program compared Virginia’s records against 21 other states by all of the above name and birthdate factors as well as the last four digits of the records’ Social Security numbers for added specificity. Virginia is among 28 states currently participating in Crosscheck; Maryland one of 9 that is included in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), yet another tool used across the country by volunteer groups to monitor and clean up voter rolls. Virginia is one of only two states (the other being Colorado) to participate in both ERIC and Crosscheck.

“The latest data highlighting the duplicate voter records within Maryland and Virginia is astounding,” said Cathy Kelleher, EIM’s President. “Above all, this most recent information underscores the state of our voter rolls nationwide, which have huge potential to fraudulently alter the outcomes of our elections and the political future of our country. The current honor system appears to have been sacrificed!” Kelleher further stated that “we must preserve free and fair election processes so that no person’s vote is disenfranchised by would-be cheaters. Being aware of what EIM’s counterparts have discovered in a number of states across America, it is easy to conclude that we are facing a national disgrace!”

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