The Battle of Athens, Tennessee – 1946

A Tribute to Our Veterans
This tribute is in the form of an important but little known story in our nation’s history. Because it involves violence, it has taken me several days to think of the best approach, or “angle”, from which to present it. As a 60+ female, violence is generally outside my scope of solutions to problems I may encounter. Nor do I have much stomach for violence …on the other hand, don’t push me!

One of the Life Lessons I have learned in my many years is that Acceptance is sometimes the only rational response to a situation. The thing I’m accepting these days is that violence – armed open conflict – may ultimately prove to be the only road out of our current morass. I don’t like it; yea, I HATE it! But to reject the option out of hand could mean the end of America … and I hate that worse.

When I read the posts of our veterans indicating they are still very much committed to their oath to protect and defend my pulse quickens. On the one hand I’m thinking, “OMG, no! Don’t let it come to that!” On the other, my heart is bursting with relief and gratitude that, thanks to their Courage, there is Hope if all else fails.

The video below is about the Battle of Athens, TN, a revolt against oppression by a corrupt government. It took place in August, 1946, right after WWII. I present it here in most grateful Tribute to our vets because the cause was righteous and the outcome was VICTORY!

I present it along with my pledge of unwavering support. In this matter, you guys are the experts – I tremble at the implications but I know that half measures do not prevail in extreme circumstances. I will follow where you lead and do whatever it takes to bring our side to Victory. I only ask that you call upon almighty God to grant you all necessary Wisdom insofar as once begun, there is no turning back.

Let us pray that other means are found.

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