Sixty-two People dropped from Hamilton County Voter Rolls

Sixty-two People dropped from Hamilton County Voter Rolls

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sixty-two people will be stricken from the Hamilton County voter rolls because they did not respond to a board of elections letter challenging their voting addresses.

They include police officers, people who used postal service and private mail boxes, and some who voted from a motor coach association in Newtown.

Last August, the Hamilton County Board of Elections voted to send letters to ninety-two persons who were determined to be registered at improper addresses telling them to update their addresses or their voter registrations would be canceled. Ohio law requires voters to cast ballots from the address where they live.

Thirty of the voters who received the letter updated their voting addresses.

The vote Tuesday morning to drop the 62 voters from the rolls was unanimous and bipartisan.

Many of the voting address irregularities were brought to the board of Elections’ attention by the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, a volunteer organization that has been combing voter rolls looking of possible voter fraud since just after the November 2012 election.

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