Poll Workers

Welcome Prospective Poll Workers!

Poll workers (aka Precinct Election Officials) play a critical role in our democracy by operating the many hundreds of polling locations throughout Ohio. For democracy to prevail, it is essential that poll workers understand and abide by election rules and procedures as defined by the Ohio Revised Code. It is also essential that there are enough workers to adequately staff the polls and that Democrat and Republican affiliations are evenly represented.

We began by recruiting and training poll workers in Hamilton County beginning in early 2012. In the last 2 elections, we have referred over 150 new poll workers to the Hamilton County Board of Elections for placement.

In addition to the 3 hour training required by the Board of Elections (BOE), our recruits have the option to attend additional training provided by Ohio VIP.

The Ohio VIP poll worker training emphasizes:

1. Poll worker responsibilities

2. Ohio voter ID requirements

3. Differences between Regular and Provisional voters and procedures for each

4. Management of the precinct

5. Common exceptions and FAQs

Click here to learn how to become a poll worker.

Click here for the online poll worker application.

Click here for poll worker training and other resources from the Secretary of State Web site.

Click here for Poll Worker Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you so much for your willingness to be a vital part of our election system!