Poll Workers: A Weak Link In Our Electoral System

Poll Workers: A Weak Link In Our Electoral System

A computer generated image of a chain with a broken link.September 25, 2014

On Election Day, ordinary citizens are hired and paid as poll workers by the county Boards of Elections (BOEs).  Anyone can apply because there are no educational requirements: reading, writing or mathematics.  However these people are entrusted with the duty to determine:

  • Who can vote
  • Where a person can vote
  • And what type of ballot a voter can cast: regular or provisional

Poll workers receive training from the BOEs but training techniques and poll worker knowledge and integrity are not evaluated by anyone other than the BOEs themselves.

Corrupt poll workers and poll worker errors are discovered and dealt with after the fact; after the election is over and certified.  In the meantime, either fraudulent ballots have been counted or valid ballots have been discarded.  Why?  Because of incompetent and corrupt poll workers!

Melowese Richardson and Ellen Duncan, two longstanding poll workers in Hamilton County were caught illegally voting at their polling locations in 2012 and 2013 respectively.  Although these ladies were indicted for illegal voting, their multiple ballots were counted in those elections.

In 2010, poll worker incompetence led to a multi-year legal battle over provisional ballots in the Tracie Hunter/John Williams Hamilton County Juvenile Court race.  The outcome of this race hinged upon whether to blame the voter or the poll worker for provisional ballots being cast in the wrong precinct and wrong voting location.  Several years and TWO MILLION ($2,000,000.00) TAXPAYER DOLLARS later, incompetent poll workers were rightfully blamed.  These workers, who did not know the difference between an odd and even number, could not look up the voters’ address in the street guide and direct them to their proper voting location.

So how can you be assured that poll workers are doing their jobs properly?  You can’t….. unless you work at the polls!

Capable and competent poll workers, Republican and Democrat, are the champions of our democracy and the salvation of fair elections.  Mistakes and nefarious activities can be stopped at the polls only if you are willing to join the ranks and perform this critical civic duty.   Contact your county BOE TODAY to apply as poll worker.

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We guarantee your experience will change the way you view our electoral process! 

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