Poll Observers

Poll Observers

To become a poll observer, please sign up with Ohio VIP on our home page and choose “Prospective Poll Observer.” Be sure to fill out the “Party Affiliation” field as either a Republican or Democrat. Independent voters can choose either Republican or Democrat, whichever party they are more closely aligned.

Ohio VIP will then submit your name as a prospective poll observer to your party chairperson (GOP or DNC). Your party will contact you to determine the following:

  • If you want to work Early Voting, Election Day or both.
  • What days you will work for Early Voting
  • If you want to work in your own county or in a neighboring urban county (if needed)
  • If you want to work the entire day or part of the day. This option may not be available in all counties. The parties in many counties will require that poll observers work the entire day.

Click here for additional Poll Observer information. (Power point presentation)

Click here for similarities and differences between Poll Observers and Poll Workers. ( Power point presentation)

Both Poll Observers and Poll Workers need to know Ohio’s election laws.

Click here for the Ohio VIP poll worker training webinars.

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