Ohio VIP recognized for Voter Fraud Efforts

Ohio VIP recognized for Voter Fraud Efforts
gold cup-ovip recognized4/11/2013
Voter Fraud Investigation
Uncovering More Misconduct

The ongoing investigation of voter fraud continued yesterday at the Hamilton County Board of Elections. Republican Board of Elections (BOE) members Chip Gerhardt and Alex Triantafilou, working on a bipartisan basis thus far, continue to discover the widespread fraud that marred the 2012 election.

With very special thanks to the citizens of the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, the Hamilton County BOE has investigated even more situations of illegal conduct in the 2012 election.

As several concerned citizens file “voter challenges” at the BOE, it has become obvious that we have an epidemic of illegal conduct with voters improperly voting from post boxes at various locations across the county. This conduct is not limited to United State Postal Services boxes, but rather is spread to voters renting mail boxes contained at private business entities like a UPS store. Some citizens are illegally registering and voting from these boxes in neighborhoods where they do not live, ultimately casting ballots in races where they are not eligible to vote. This pernicious conduct is perverting the elections process in every corner of this county.

Yesterday’s hearing also resulted in more subpoenas being issued to further investigate new claims of fraud. In one case, it appears a woman improperly returned to Ohio and, with the help of an elections operative from one of the campaigns, was able to cast a ballot even though she lived in Kentucky.

In another case, a man plainly physically incapable of generating even a simple mark on paper, ultimately had a ballot cast on his behalf by someone who was allegedly in his family. Voting someone else’s ballot or even assisting another with their ballot without the proper legal authorization is against the law and there is substantial evidence that this occurred in the 2012 election. A voter should only vote one ballot–their own.

In one crucial development yesterday, the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office has opined that the Board should refer any case of potential double-voting to them for a proper criminal investigation. This opinion was not met with bi-partisan support.

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