Ohio Secretarty of State Husted refers 17 Non-Citizen Voters for Prosecution

Ohio Secretarty of State Husted refers 17 Non-Citizen Voters for Prosecution

world with magnifying glassYesterday, December 19, 2013, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that, in his effort to clean up Ohio’s voter rolls, his office found 274 non-citizens registered in Ohio.  Of these 274 non-citizens, 17 voted in the 2012 General Election and are being referred to Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine for possible prosecution.  One of the 17 voters has been voting in Ohio since 1993.

Citizenship information was obtained by the Secretary of State’s Office as a result of better communication with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and an increased sharing of data between the two government entities.

Per Secretary Husted, “We must continue to modernize to prevent these situations from happening again. It undermines confidence in our system of elections and it is a violation of the law.”

Ohio VIP agrees that Ohio’s election system needs to be modernized, including the implementation of online voter registration where there is a real-time check of social security and driver’s license information with the appropriate government agencies. This will not only help to prevent the registration of non-citizens but also reduce fraud and errors in voter registration applications.

Although the number of non-citizens found on Ohio’s voter rolls is not huge, every vote that is cast illegally is a vote that is stolen from a legitimate voter.   Ohio VIP commends Secretary Husted’s effort to improve Ohio’s electoral process and to restore a higher level of confidence in the system for Ohio’s voters.

Click here to read more about this investigation in yesterday’s press release from the SOS’s Office.

Click here for the county by county breakdown of non-citizens on Ohio’s voter rolls.




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