Lawsuit settled over clean up of Ohio’s voter rolls

Lawsuit settled over clean up of Ohio’s voter rolls

3d Orange Man Holding Broom Standing UpLawsuit settlement may clean up Ohio’s elections

By Darrel Rowland

The Columbus Dispatch • Monday January 13, 2014 5:02 PM

Ohio’s effort to clean up its voter rolls led to the first of-its-kind federal lawsuit settlement today, a move one of the groups suing called “historic.”

“It’s good (for Ohioans) because there is added assurance that their elections are going to be cleaner,” said Tom Litton, president of Judicial Watch.

“There are nationwide problems on this issue…To Ohio’s credit they took notice and acted.”

Matthew McClellan, spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, said, “Today’s settlement simply formalizes current practice. Secretary Husted takes the accuracy of the voter rolls very seriously, as is evident by the work we have already done.”

Judicial Watch and True the Vote sued in U.S. District Court for southern Ohio in August 2012, contending that Husted was not following a provision of the National Voter Registration Act (often dubbed the “Motor Voter” law) requiring updates of voter rolls.

Under the terms of today’s settlement, which goes through November 2018, the state agrees “to take or continue to take” nine actions:

To participate in the State and Territorial Exchange of Vital Events (STEVE) to obtain out-of-state death information.

To participate in the Interstate Voter Registration Cross-Check program administered by the Kansas secretary of state to identify registered voters who have moved out-of-state…

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