Democrats and Republicans work together to improve elections in Hamilton County

Democrats and Republicans work together to improve elections in Hamilton County

1409701955It is always nice to be able to report on positives that are happening in Ohio with respect to elections, especially in Hamilton County where the topic of voter anomalies and voter fraud has dominated Hamilton County’s Board of Election meetings over the past two years.

Democrat Melowese Richardson and Republican Ellen Duncan, two long standing Hamilton County poll workers convicted of double voting, must have been an embarrassment to the Board and the political parties who hired them as workers. Now, the parties are working together to recruit new and better educated poll workers countywide for Election Day, November 4th.

In a recent article published by the Cincinnati Bar Association, “Calling All Lawyers: Work the Polls for the November General Election,” attorneys Kristen M. Myers, Ohio Democratic Party and Dale A. Stalf, Hamilton County Republican Party, have teamed together to approach lawyers and other legal professionals to help fill the over 3000 poll worker positions needed in Hamilton County. In the article, Mr. Tim Burke and Mr. Alex Triantafilou, Chairmen of the Hamilton County Democrat and Republican parties respectively, say that attorneys are uniquely qualified to perform this very important job because they “understand the concept of following the stated rules and procedures of a defined process.”

Mary Siegel of Ohio Voter integrity Project agrees that tapping into the attorney base is a great place to find competent poll workers. However one doesn’t need a legal background in order to become a qualified election worker. “The real problem is that there are no educational requirements for people who work the polls, including the ability to read, write, and perform simple mathematics,” says Siegel. “Many poll workers are unable or unwilling to perform certain tasks like processing provisional voters because they don’t understand the rules. The result is poll worker and voter errors and the disqualification of voters’ ballots.”

Ohio VIP applauds this bi-partisan effort and hopes that parties in other Ohio counties will join the effort. Competent poll workers, who can and will administer Ohio’s elections according to the law, are critical to ensuring that our elections have meaning and integrity. The fact that Democrats and Republicans can come together on this issue gives hope for future collaboration by the parties on other important election matters.


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