Become a Poll Worker and Stop Voter Fraud

Become a Poll Worker and Stop Voter Fraud

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April 18, 2014

The May 6th Primary Election is right around the corner and there are many Ohio counties still in desperate need of poll workers.

Can you help?

By law, polling locations must have an equal number of Republican and Democrat poll workers to ensure that the team is bi-partisan.  But this is not happening!

People are being hired based on their primary ballot choice and if someone does not vote in a primary, the Boards of Elections don’t know the person’s true political leanings and they are hired by whichever party is in greatest need.   We have Democrats working as Republicans and vice versa!

Without true bi-partisan poll worker teams, there is no way to ensure that our election laws are being followed.The result is VOTER FRAUD!!

Does the name Melowese Richardson ring a bell?  What about Ellen Duncan? These two poll workers double voted, casting a second ballot at the polls on Election Day. Competent poll workers in their precincts would have prevented these people from committing voter fraud!

We need your help to stop fraudsters in the act!

It is not too late to sign up and get trained! And you get paid for your time!

Click here for more about being a poll worker.

If you are a new poll worker, a primary election is an excellent opportunity to learn the ropes because of low voter turnout.

If you are an experienced poll worker, this is your opportunity to brush up on Ohio’s election rules to get ready for the November General Election.

Can we count on YOU?

Contact your County Board of Elections TODAY to apply!  Click here for the directory of County Boards of Elections.

Ask yourself….. If not me, who?  If not now, when? 

Thank you and hope we can count on you at the polls!


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