35 Races and 8 Issues came down to one vote in 2013

35 Races and 8 Issues came down to one vote in 2013

one voteIf you have ever heard the excuse that voter fraud is not a problem because it is just a few votes here or there, well here is proof that every single vote matters.  Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, just released a statement that in the 2013 General Election, there were 35 races and 8 issues that came down to just one vote.

From the Ohio Secretary of State:


Monday, January 13, 2013

Number of local races and issues decided by just one vote in 2013 General Election

COLUMBUS – For anyone who has ever questioned the impact or importance of their vote, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today provided more evidence that one vote really does matter.

Based upon review of 110 recounts conducted following the 2013 General Election on November 5th, 35 local races and eight local issues were decided by one vote or through breaking a tie. Just one person could have made the difference in deciding whether local taxes would go up and whether someone else would have served in important local offices, including township trustee, city or village council and school board. In fact, an individual was elected mayor based upon drawing a high card.1

Regarding this data, all of the following may be attributed to Secretary Husted:

“These results are proof that every vote can make a difference.

“When a single vote can have such a big impact in so many places, you can understand why we focus so heavily on accuracy of the voter rolls and the integrity of the elections process, and why we encourage every voter to take their right and responsibility to vote seriously.

“Close elections reinforce our focus to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in Ohio.”

Read more about Secretary Husted’s efforts to make it easy to vote (here) and (here), to keep Ohio’s voter rolls accurate and up-to-date (here), and on his vigilance in combatting voter fraud and voter suppression (here) and (here).

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County-by-County Breakdown (PDF)

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  1. Yes! it is true that under Ohio law, in case of a draw, flipping a coin or drawing cards are legitimate ways for boards of elections to break the tie by “lot.”


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